Our Services

Mobile Friendly

100% of our websites are fully mobile friendly and will be triple checked through all devices.

Graphic Design

Logo Design, Branding, Visual identity, Content Creation and animation.

As an Add-On, we can do all of this and more for your website! 

24/7 assistance

With your monthly payment, you can contact us at anytime and expect our full priority in assistance with anything to do with your website.


Once your website is up and running we can help you with your Social media marketing, analytics and backlinks.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

SEO will help your website become a prioritized page on search engines increasing traffic to your bussiness and sales.

creative content

wether you have the content for us to put up or we do, it will stand out in an ergonomic way unlocking a deeper connection between customers and your business.

modern design

Our sole focus in the design process of your website will be making your business stand out in a competitive way with the latest trends.

expandable design

Your website will be fully expandable with a dynamic interface in every aspect allowing for future growth in your business.

sleek design

Blending art and science to create a beautiful and functional interface that is easy to use, will result in a deeper customer engagement and an increase of sales.


Contact us for more information

The price depends on the website, but it can be as low as $500.

If you want to pay a little extra, it is well worth it with our cheap price. A logo animation will make your webpage pop and make it look more professional. Once you have purchased it, the animation belongs to you.

Online Exposure Social Media Marketing package includes 5x curated posts per week as well as stories and highlights for your instagram and facebook accounts. This Package also includes promotions.

No problem. Online Exposure can set everything up and run all of your pages pages.

Here at Online Exposure, we pride ourselves in creating top of the mark, outstanding webpages unique to every cusomer. Online Exposure will not just create your business, we will invest in your business.